Nightly excursion

Among the proposed activities, there is also the possibility of night outings.

Suggested itinerary: Departure at 5.30 pm from the ancient port of Genoa with stops in the cove of Pieve Ligure for a swim at sunset and then onto Portofino.

After visiting Portofino, you can dine in Camogli or Punta Chiappa in one of the many local restaurants or consider a more romantic dinner on the pier of San Fruttuoso in complete quietness in an exclusive and unique context.

On the return, it is possible to stop in Bogliasco to swim under the moonlight.

Other proposed events along the coast include: “The Ligurian public theatre”, theatrical performances that have the sea and cliffs as a natural setting; “The night of the lights of the Stella Maris” where the beach of Camogli is illuminated by thousands of floating candles; or “The spectacular fires of Recco” with fireworks directly over the sea.